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MarketPlace Listing Benefits

There are several benefits for the Licensors who list their technologies i this MarketPlace as well as for the Adopter who view the MarketPlace or Licensing a technology

  • We are in a position to support and application of the technology through the activities of the Adoption brokerage therefore further eliciting a usefulness not otherwise obvious.

  • We are disposed to and capable of creating and founding a new company strictly for the purposes of adopting the technology in the production operations and providing royalty

  • Derivative of the above two advantages, we can repeatedly perform this service for the benefit of the licensor.

  • We are capable of performing Computational Validation of an technology idea and to present the same to prospective Licensee and hence effectively making an idea a digitally viable technology

As a Licensor, you have the option to have your Technology or Technology-Idea hosted here for marketing to prospective Licensees to license for you. To have enjoy the hosting option go to the EKTecX Marketplace Technology Hosting Request page

Recent Listed Technologies

Technology: MOSM-Matrix Alga Cultivation Bioreactor
Technology Brokerage
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